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We're different from the other guys

Turning point is a company based on one simple business statement being “Exceed the Customers’ Expectations.” With that said Turning Point has put together a group of the best manufactures the industry has to offer.

Our products come with the significantly less lead times and better warranties than those offered in the industry. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations in every way possible. Since we offer truly customized furniture we have a design team waiting for your challenges and instead of “modifying” an existing piece we will build it your way all the way.

We are a source that can answer your needs for custom furniture - be it a special size table or a building designed from the inside out; we can accommodate all manner of wood furniture, systems furniture, seating, ergonomic products and complete interior solutions. All within competitive pricing limits. Our difference is the lead times possible with our products and our suppliers.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

All Turning Point Collection™ furniture comes guaranteed for life. We design and create value that lasts from lifetime to the next.

Our Environmental Commitment

Turning Point is committed to finding better, more efficient and environmentally favorable practices to create quality furniture for a life time. Just like the continuous efforts to produce attractive, stylish, durable furniture, we want to ensure that all of our processes are as ecologically friendly as possible.

Our manufactures are currently researching the quality of water-based stains. Once they reach our high standard for the protection of our furniture, these environmentally safer products and practices will be implemented.

We want our furniture to last for generations. The Earth and its precious atmosphere are no different. Our manufactures recycle sawdust for livestock bedding, wood scraps for kindling, and engine heat to supplement their heating system.

Turning Point Collection is open to any suggestions for improvement in creating the finest furniture available.

Turning Point Also Pledges to continue to provide furniture that will last a life time; in a manner that lets us all enjoy the Earth for our generation and many more to come.

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