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Classic Elegance meets Modern Day Function,
Introducing the Turning Point CollectionTM

Turning Point’s unique line of custom furniture is the perfect solution when you need furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. Our hand-crafted 100% organic wooden furniture is made of the highest quality materials, and produced by true American craftsmen right here in the United States.


Completely Custom Designed to Fit Your Needs

Made from scratch based on your unique specifications, our products can be tailor-fit to meet your exact furnishing needs.

Full Product and Order Delivery in Half the Time

Locally sourced raw materials, craftsmen, and shipping means that your lead time is significantly decreased.

Lifetime Guarantee on All Turning Point Furniture

All of our products carry a lifetime replacement guarantee reinforcing our pledge of quality. Our furniture is for life.

100% Organic and Sustainable

Organically grown raw materials provide sustainable furnishing solutions from artisan craftsmen in the local area.

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